About us

National Forest Agency is engaged in research activities and consulting in the field of a forestry.

Our business range is rather wide — from an evaluation of efficiency activities in the Russian forests to calculations of normative costs per unit of forestry operations on the basis of calculated-technological schedules.

Modern leading experts in the field of a forestry of Russia (a forest management, protection, reproduction, guard of forest) are in the field of influencing of our Company.

The significant personnel potential allows our Company to manufacture intellectual products, best-selling in the Russian and international markets.

Our Company actively co-operates with the international institutes occupied in a forestry and has the actual information on world timbers.

As is known, the Russian forests compound about 23 % of timber stands and capture to 20 % of carbon dioxide in the world. Forestlands are a livelihood source for 25 % of the Russian population.

All our efforts are aimed at provision of a sustainable forest management for meeting requirements of the Russian people in timbers and forest resources.